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Design Tips: Drawing Room

House can be constructed with bricks and cement but it depends upon the inhabitants whether to let it remain a house or make it a home. The people who prefer to go with the later make the best of their efforts to make the place looks like its custom made for them. Everything ranging from a single tile to be put in the washroom to the king size bed to be kept in the bedroom depicts the taste of the decorator. Speaking of decor, any and everyone would bring in mind the living rooms, kitchen, stores etc but what people often tend to ignore is the dining area.

Design Tips: Kitchen

Unlike the past when the kitchen was meant only as a place to cook, it is now the most integral part of any home. The kitchen now encompasses a prime place, where the cooking is done with pleasant chitchat with friends or helping kids with their homework or having a cup of coffee with your spouse. So, it is mandatory to keep such significant place looking nice and comfy. Below are listed some ways by which you can decorate your small kitchen and make it appear elegant as well as welcoming.

Design Tips: Bed Room

All you need is to be in your bedroom, lying comfortably and eagerly waiting for a sound sleep to come! That is what makes bedroom, the most important place of the house. Since its foremost requirement is to make a person relaxed and contended to be in, it requires a bit of more effort to be constructed and later on furnished as compared to other portions. Though the design entirely depends upon the taste of an individual but here are some basic ideas for interior designs and bedroom lightening which would enhance your knowledge and make the choice somewhat easier!

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  • Ultimate Kitchen Interiors

    Our experience with Incense Interior has been nothing short of wonderful. Our very first meeting to create a modern, upscale, state-of-the-art kitchen left us breathless and dazzled by her brilliant design and masterful reconstruction of workflow in the space. Barb captured the essence of our home and personal taste perfectly and was able to create a new and functional environment that integrated seamlessly with the other rooms in the house.

  • Hotel Renovation by Vendor

    Having successfully worked with Incense Interior on three previous projects, I was confident that with her qualifications as a trained architect they would do a great job for the Hotel renovation project. Working on an twenty year old hotel presented many challenges which she creatively overcame. We together finished our work and have got fully satisfied.

  • Budget Interior Designers

    Incense Interior have enormously talented designer who consistently delivers the highest quality as well as aesthetically beautiful solutions for her clients. Incense Interior are able to successfully work within the realities of a limited budget and still exceed her client’s expectations. I highly recommend her services for any project, large or small.

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What can You miss in Bedroom?
A bedroom is for sleeping and other forms of entertainment -  but not watching the latest episode of Homeland. Enjoy the peace and intimacy of your bedroom. I believe it should be a place to relax, read, talk and sleep. Leave the hyper stimulation of the electronic world we live in at the door

Eco-friendly wallpapers
There are diverse options when it comes to choosing wallpapers. Designs like classic retro prints, metallic geometrics, botanical prints and those that mimic the look of natural landscapes are among the popular trends this season, informs our expert. Apply only Organic wall decor on the walls. These are made up of grass cloth and cotton fiber that do not have a negative impact on the environment. Decor Coat is a substitute of wallpapers made up of cotton cellulose, paper products, cotton thread and other recycled materials.


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