Company Profile

Incense Interior Exterior an ISO -9001 certified company is one of the leading interior design companies that provide an integrated solution with high quality interior designs, technology and transparent working system from last 12 years.

Incense Interior Exterior is a company specializing in Large Scale Corporate and Residential Interiors and is committed to delivering Design Excellence through a Turnkey Model.

We are a strong team of innovators, conceptualizers, interior designers, architects, technologist & project consultant to create a high end & unique projects.

Incense Interior-exterior is especially renewed for luxury homes interiors, smart modern offices, theme restaurant, designer hotels/banquet, showrooms, and schools/colleges much more.

We provide complete solution for false ceiling, wooden flooring, designer wall treatment, all types of furniture and many more.

The entire endeavor is done after a thorough analysis of client needs, budget and possible constraints. Our long drawn expertise in the domain and out commitment ensures that the end result of our services like Design Development, Total Project Management and Interior Design Consultancy etc not just satisfies you but creates delightful moments.


Our Mission

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Our Philosphy

Incense is a strong believer in the adage that the boldest of ideas grow from the simplest thoughts. From the petals of a marigold to the wings of a butterfly, nature provides us an abundance of examples of how simplicity can be complex and elegant.

We provide our esteemed clients with visually persuasive (solid), high performance and environmentally tenable interiors solutions to help their enterprise grow, sustain their culture, inspire their staff, incorporate technology and drive productivity.

Why Choose Us

We only have one formula for our Interior Design – we just merge ourselves into the dreams and desires of the client and live the dreams as it was ours.We are confident that we can bring any building to life with our high quality creative design techniques.


To plan and determine the space needed, we analyze and define your workspace straight from the beginning by incorporating inputs from our project managers and interior designers. We go the distance to investigate each elements involved to plan your workspace in a strategic mode.


Understanding exactly client’s requirement is our utmost importance. We believe that a good and open communication is the key to successful collaboration. Communication within our team is vital to understand customers’ needs and expectations. Our project managers and interior designers share the same vision to complete the client ultimate objectives satisfactorily.


The working environment is always evolving and changing. And we are aware that developing a new office involve long term planning. We constantly update our team with the most recent happening in the environment in order to offer long term solution from a design perspective.